General Health Benefits of Switching to the Electronic Cigarette

general health benefits of e cigarette21 General Health Benefits of Switching to the Electronic Cigarette

Few studies investigated the health benefits of the electronic cigarette (or e-cigarette). Let’s hope medical researchers get to it soon. For now, it’s up to users like me to say how quitting smoking and switching to the electronic cigarette affected their health.

Health Benefits of the Electronic Cigarette Same as When You Quit Smoking

To my surprise, I felt healthier one week after I started using my first electronic cigarette—I switched five months ago. My research showed that the health benefits of switching to the electronic cigarette, the ones I felt, are similar to those of people who quit smoking altogether.

No More Smoker’s Cough and Phlegm

The first thing I noticed is that my smoker’s cough disappeared. The cough didn’t bother me as much as the phlegm: before I quit smoking conventional cigarettes, every night, minutes after I went to bed, I started choking on phlegm. I’m really glad the phlegm went away.

Sense of Smell Comes Back

My sense of smell came back. A friend of mine who quit smoking told me it was completely different when you can smell the smells and taste the tastes, but it’s more impressive when you feel it yourself. Today the smell of freshly cut grass and the blooming trees on our street made me feel like I’m in one of those stores that sell scented candles.

Better Physical Stamina and Cardio

My physical stamina and lung capacity increased. On my elliptical machine, I do the same 30-40 minute exercise, one cardio zone up, and I don’t get short on breath as fast as before. I do the whole exercise with ease.

No More Wheezing and Tightness in Chest

I stopped wheezing and I no longer feel tight in the chest—the most important effects that the electronic cigarette had on my health. It’s a great feeling being able to breathe freely. In fact, the wheezing and the tightness in my chest were the main reasons why I wanted to try the electronic cigarette.

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